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Infidel Clean Bone Smoked Ribs

Photo's, video, and recipe by @pelletpassionbbq

I want to start off by saying I typically don't smoke my ribs this way, but it's fun to try and tastes amazing if done right.  Many believe the only way to cook ribs are Competition Style.  I say cook them however the hell you want to cook them.  If you're looking to replicate this, here is what you can do to achieve melt in your mouth ribs:

Rub Your Meat.  Pick A Rub & Season Those Ribs Up!

Smoke Your Ribs At Around 225 Degrees for 3 Hours

During the smoke, I like to spray apple juice every 45 minutes to keep the meat moist.  If you don't have a spray bottle, you can easily pick one up at a store.  I don't suggest using your old Windex bottle.

After 3 Hours, Wrap It Up!

In this scenario, I double wrapped my ribs with aluminum foil.  In that wrap I poured some apple juice and laid down some butter.

Keep Track of Temperature

I prefer to use a meat thermometer that connects to my phone so I can check it at my convenience.  Weber makes a very inexpensive one that is $49.99 FYI.  Since it is double wrapped with foil, things are going to accelerate quickly with the cook. The apple juice and butter are going to soak into the meat and nearly all the moisture will be retained within the foil.  Once your ribs had hit about 195-200 degrees, remove the foil.  Careful when removing the meat from the foil because the ribs will most likely fall apart if you don't fully support them.  

Slathering Time

Use your favorite sauce and throw down a nice layer of sauce.  Let cook for around 30 more minutes.  This will help set that glaze on the meat. 

Pull Dem Bones!

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