About Us

Continued camaraderie through good ass BBQ.

During Jason's transition from the military to the civilian world, he struggled (as many veterans do) with finding a purpose beyond service. Growing up Texan, he had always had a passion for cooking and loved how good food always brought everyone together.

As a Veteran Owned Business, we take pride in every point of the journey, from manufacturing to when the product reaches the customer's hand, ensuring that it is the highest quality and the best service. 

Taste the Freedom

It is humor that gets us through the dark times, so each item is designed with a military or first responder theme to give you and a friend a good laugh or bring back a great memory.

Every bottle is made in Texas with pride.

Each product sold proudly supports a true non-profit veteran organization or event.

Explosive growth

Since the company’s creation in 2016, we have been on a wild roller coaster of unprecedented growth becoming one of the fastest growing Veteran Owned seasoning companies in the USA.

Grill Your Ass Off has recently been featured on Forbes, Fox Business, and was named the Veteran Owned Small Business of the Year for 2022 by the American Freedom Fund.

Jason - Owner and CEO

Jason Murff

Owner/CEO (ARMY)

Jason served in the Army, as an Infantryman (11B), and in the Old Guard. After serving, went on to study Aircraft Pilot Training at TSTC in Waco. It was during this time that he started this amazing company, literally out of his garage! Murff has continued to grow and build Grill Your Ass Off into one of the fastest-growing seasoning companies in the USA! 

Favorite Seasoning: Claymore Cajun
Jennifer - Event Coordinator

James Kidwell

Bravo Sales Leader

For 16+ years, James has served in Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS, and Search and Rescue! When James isn't busy with the hose, he has his hands deep in a lot of A$$ at GYAO. Not only does he spearhead our Sales Force, but he also has his dirty fingers in our Social, Creative, and Marketing Teams as well. We fire and hire him daily.

Favorite Seasoning: Willie Pete Chicken

Dylan Steward

Meet Dylan, our Warehouse Manager extraordinaire, with a US Marine background that brings a whole new level of efficiency and hilarity to our workplace. Formerly an expert USMC Reserve Generator Mechanic, he even had a deployment to Bahrain, where he charmed generators into submission with his legendary skills. Running our warehouse like a well-oiled military operation, he combines Marine-like precision with a comedic flair that keeps us all laughing while getting the job done. With Dylan around, logistics have never been more fun, and we're proud to have our own "Generator Whisperer" leading the charge! Oorah!

Favorite Seasoning: Gunpowder Steak & Brisket Seasoning