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      Fired off in 2016

      Grill Your Ass Off has been sent on a mission to make your meat the best tasting thing you have ever put in your mouth. Owner, Jason Murff after spending time in the US Army as an Infantryman wanted a way to give back to the veteran community; so each one of our bottles of seasonings will proudly support a true non-profit veteran organization or event. Each of our products is designed with a military theme so it can give you and a friend a laugh or bring back a great memory. Every one of our bottles is made in Texas with pride so you can taste the freedom.

       The Team

      Jason Murff CEO/ Owner (Army)
      James Kidwell - Media/ Content (LEO, FIRE, EMS, & SAR)
      Jeremy Stills - Customer Success (Army)
      When you donate you are helping the underdogs win there fight. 
      Why Chive Charities?
      For those who have lost their voice, Chive Charities provides a megaphone. For those who have lost independence, Chive Charities restores their freedom. For those who have lost all hope — Chive Charities works tirelessly to build them a better future.
      Chive Charities supports veterans, first responders, and rare medical diagnosees with life-changing grants and spreads awareness through sharing the personal stories of grit, courage, and never giving up.
      To date, Chive Charities has helped over 360 causes with $14 million dollars in aid, covering renovation projects, wheelchair accessible vehicles, pieces of medical and therapy equipment, service dogs and impactful experiences.
      Every week, Chive Charities awards a grant to a recipient — an individual with a rare medical diagnosis, a veteran or first responder with a medically-related need, or a non-profit organization supporting one of those populations. Our recipients
      represent causes that are underfunded and often overlooked. Our monthly donors and fundraising efforts fund every grant, averaging $30,000/week.
      Every week, we share our recipient’s personal narrative on our platforms and
      theCHIVE’s, providing a megaphone to the most deserving causes. The goal? Drive awareness. Connect our donors to our recipients — to the very people and causes their dollars are supporting. Inspire readers around the world to make the world a better place.
      For more information please visit -