Are your products gluten free?

The following products contain gluten.

Ma Deuce

BBQ Sauce 

Honey Habanero BBQ Sauce

Bacon Bourbon BBQ Sauce 

Ranch Dip 

Spicy Ranch Dip

All jerky except Salt & Pepper. 

(Products not listed do not contain gluten.)

Do your products have MSG?

None of our products contain MSG.

Do you offer military & first responders discount?

Yes, you will have the option to verify your service at checkout!

Why is my seasoning clumped.

Grill Your Ass Off is made with natural ingredients and when able we do not use any anti caking agents so your products will naturally clump with time. 

Do you ship outside the US?

Please see our shipping information here. 

How long dose it take to ship?

Please see our shipping information here.

Damaged Product/Returns

If you products were damaged in shipping please follow the instructions here. 

How long it the product good for?

Seasonings - 2 Years

Sauces - 6 Months 

Beef Jerky - 8 Months

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes please see our wholesale information here.

Terms Of Service.