We are a veteran owned and operated small business focused on delivering high quality BBQ rubs, and seasonings guaranteed to kick your taste buds in the ass. Each one of our spices is branded to fit the military and patriotic lifestyle. 

Brisket Low & Slow Life

We all know the key to a perfect brisket is low and slow. Now we have the gear to show them you know what to do with your meat! Get it here!

Big ASS Bags

Many of us don't cook for one and often in competitions. So we have brought back the Big ASS Bags to stay in all seven flavors at a lower cost!  


“Grill your ass off seasonings are a MUST have for every occasion. With explosive taste it adds massive amounts of flavor to any type of meat you can slap on the grill, throw in the oven, or toss on the stove. Freedom never tasted so good!"

Uniform Humor

“Amazingly tasty and gives your food the kick in the ass it needs!”

John Burk

“We put Grill Your Ass Off on EVERYTHING! You can throw out your old spices because you won’t need them anymore. Both our hosts and listeners agree that Grill Your Ass Off spices are the best in the business!”

Men Podcast

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