The Revolution Beef Pack

$42.99 $53.94

We wanted to spice up our meat some more, so we decided to stage a flavor revolution! Introducing our Jerky Revolution Bundle, featuring all six of our exciting beef jerky flavors. From velvety Butter Garlic to fiery Cajun and everything in between, it's a flavor adventure you won't want to miss. 

Flavors include:

Butter Garlic - Indulge in comforting simplicity with our velvety butter and aromatic garlic-infused jerky. It's a harmonious blend of rich flavors that evoke warmth and familiarity in every bite.

Cajun - Experience fiery Cajun essence in every bite. Smoky, spicy, and authentic, our jerky transports you to the heart of the French Quarter.

Maple Brown Sugar - Get a cozy hug with a smoky twist in this jerky. Perfect for foodies and snack lovers, it's a flavorful adventure!

Mesquite - Elevate your snacking with Mesquite Beef Jerky. A Wild West flavor explosion that ignites your taste buds!

Smoky Chipotle - Experience lingering satisfaction with every bite of this smoky chipotle jerky. A masterpiece of bold, smoky perfection!

Tropical Cheyenne - Escape to a tropical paradise with every bite of our Tropical Cheyenne Beef Jerky. It's sweet, spicy, and irresistibly delicious!