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Chef Fults Cauliflower & Broccoli Tips

Not all veggies are roasted alike. This is going to be important because winter cooking is mostly roasting. Summertime sautéing is the thing. Why, because veggies grow out of the ground! Winter dense root vegetables. Summer greens/ berries/ etc. look it up, know your seasons. 

I chose to roast some local cauliflower using a little gunpowder/ and pop smoke. Give this cauliflower a try and hopefully expand your goto vegetables!


1 large cast-iron skillet 

(If you live in a foreign country and haven’t got one yet) a Large non-stick pan is just fine.


1 or 2 heads of Cauliflower or broccoli 


2-3 tbsp of lard/ tallow/ grape seed/ ghee. Whatever shit you use. 


2 heaping tbsp of gunpowder


2 heaping tbsp of pop-smoke


1 tbsp claymore cajun seasoning


In your over, preheat to 365 degrees. Once at temp put your dish in the center of the oven for about 30-40 minutes if whole. The outside will turn a very rich caramel color. However, check the heart for tenderness. I enjoy a little bite or “el denté” yes like pasta, and that’s a fancy culinary word. Your welcome! You do you though. Have no fear if you overcook the cauliflower, IE cook it to death. Ie mush we can make a roasted cauliflower mash or purée, simply rough chop and add to a blender and slowly add butter or olive oil while mixing and that’s it.

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