Chicken Lollipops

Chicken Lollipops


Claymore Cajun Seasoning

- Apple juice
- 10 chicken legs/Drumsticks 

Feeds - 4-5 people 

Prep time - 30 minutes

Cook time - 1 and half - 2 hours 


Chicken prep 

Slice the chicken around at the top of the meat end all the way around the bone. 

Take a paper towel and peel the skin and membrane off around the top of the bone so just the meat is left. 

Season the drumstick with Claymore Cajun seasoning  & wrap the bone with tin foil to preserve the color.

Chicken lollipop Foil

Set your oven or smoker to 300 degrees (if you are using a smoker I used pecan wood).

To make the glaze I mixed one jar of the BBQ Sauce together with 2 oz of apple juice (you can also use pineapple juice), make sure the sauce is warm when glazing the chicken.

Chicken lollipop Dip

When the Chicken reaches 175 degrees dip the drumstick into the glaze then put back in the smoker/oven for another 10 minutes.

 After taking the chicken out of the smoker/oven let it rest for 10 minutes and enjoy!

Recipe provided by Paul Saladino @paulie_saucee 

Chicken lollipop recipe 1

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