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Chef Fults Chicken Sandwich

Dudes gotta eat.

Not your average chicken sandwich 


What you’ll need:


1 chicken thigh

1 donut glazed (pick your favorite)

1 handful of chips. (Pick whatever one you like) 

1 cup shredded greenery of things

2 tsp of willie Pete 

1 tbsp claymore cajun seasoning 

1 cup mayo (pick one) this for the slaw

1 tsp dijon mustard 

Salt and pepper to taste 

1tspn sugar

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 




In Small bowl put mayo/ mustard/ sugar / claymore / vinegar together. Use a whisk and whisk together until the desired flavor. It should be sweet and tangy with a little kiss of heat. Add lettuce after 20 minutes of sauce resting.




I use mesquite and pecan. That’s what is available where I’m at. There is a world of wood don’t be shy to use what you got or what’s around you. Oak, apple, avocado, etc. I don’t need to hold your hand. If you got an apt George Forman will work just fine. Even a pan, you just need to cook the chicken. Use chicken breast if you like. Let your imagination run wild!


Now that we got that established. Start your fire. Let the embers settle. I look for a white-hot on my coals. (Still got some fire, some smoke) add your chicken thighs. Let the thighs cook. Pending what you have I would say an average of 5 minutes per side. I like to stack the meat on top of one another off to the side and let them steam kinda. The wood smoke will give a nice smoky flavor. 



  1. Donut halved
  2. Chicken Thigh
  3. Slaw
  4. EAT!


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