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      RECIPES — Ma Deuce

      Chef Fults Steak Tips

      Chef Fults Steak Tips | Grill Your Ass Off

      As a chef, my Biggest issue I see people make is they add seasoning way to low. This clumps up really makes for an inconsistent bite there is also an aesthetically unappealing layer of seasoning.  The bottle is designed to spread an even layer over whatever your cooking. Use a sheet tray or pan that is twice the size of meat. If you want to be super clean you can put plastic wrap on the counter, this will make clean up quick and painless. This week I made two different steaks. I used Mountian Primal NY strip and Ribeye. Both exceptional products from exceptional ranchers and bro’s in Colorado. In a standard meat box these cuts available. Which is why I used them. 

      The NY got a rub of crispy habanero/ pop smoke and infidel pork rub. See below for my ratios. 

      The ribeye got a healthy dose of gunpowder mixed with a little ma deuce. The gunpowder brings out the sweetness in a really rich steak. The deuce gives it that salty ness to balance it both out. You dudes need to play with it based on your taste buds. 


      1 heaping Tblspn crispy mango habanero 

      1 tbsp pop smoke

      1 tbsp infidel pork rub

      Mix together generously 



      2 heaping tbsp of gun powder

      1 tbsp Ma Deuce 

      The next steps I used with my Traeger pro series. I do not recommend using a pan sear with these rubs. Grilling would be great, however, I would pay attention to your steaks because the flames will give more char then you expect because of the sugars in the ribs. Back to it. So on my smoker, I set it too 220 and the smoker smoked it with a combo of oak and mesquite for 20 minutes. After that, I set my temp to 330 for 20 minutes and flip after 10 minutes. 

      I do not temp, we all have instincts and I rely on them heavily to get my perfectly cooked steak. All of you will have to do the same, I went for a mid-rare plus. (It’s a thing). You can cook to your own desired temp using our meat temp chart!

      Dishwasher Steak?!

      Dishwasher Steak?! | Grill Your Ass Off

      This week we make Ma Deuce Steak in the dishwasher... That's right we have heard and seen about this online and had to try it out for ourselves! It was honestly one of the best steaks we have ever had. The dishwasher acts as a sous vide and cook the steak to a perfect medium-rare. All that was left was to butter sear it and boom an amazing steak 🥩! Let us know what you think of this recipe and comment below what you want to see next. If you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe to our channel!

      Easy Brisket Recipe

      Easy Brisket Recipe | Grill Your Ass Off