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      RECIPES — BBQ Sauce

      Infidel Rib Sandwich

      Infidel Rib Sandwich

      Infidel Rib Sandwich 

      Prep time - 15 minutes 

      Cook time - 5 hours 

      Total time - 5 hours and 15 minutes 

      Feeds - 8-10 people 


      -2 racks of baby back ribs 


      • Peel membrane off the back of the ribs 
      • Make an incision along each rib bone (this makes the end process easier)

      Infidel Rib Sandwich 1

      • Coat both sides of rib racks lightly with yellow mustard
      • Season ribs with Infidel Pork Rub
      • Let ribs sit for 15-20 minutes

      Infidel Rib Sandwich 2

      • Set your smoker to 250-275 degrees (I recommended cherry or pecan wood or pellets)
      • Set ribs on smoker
      • Every hour spritz ribs with apple juice
      • Before removing ribs from smoker, lay  two sheets of tin foil on a table
      • On each sheet of tin foil, apply a layer of brown sugar, butter, and BBQ Sauce

      Infidel Rib Sandwich 3

      • When ribs reach desired color, remove from smoker 
      • Place each rack on the prepared sheets and wrap tin foil completely around each rack
      • Place each rack back on the smoker and leave until meat is fork-tender
      • Remove each rack and gently remove the bones (this is the reason for making the incisions along the bones before cooking - they should slide out with ease)
      • Wrap a wire oven rack with tin foil
      • Place boneless rib racks on tin foil wrapped oven rack
      • Glaze meat with  BBQ Sauce and place back in smoker for 15 minutes

      Infidel Rib Sandwich 4

      • While meat is glazing, slice your bread loaves in half horizontally and slice your onions paper thin
      • Now it’s time to make your sandwich!
      • Place meat on bottom half of bread loaf, and layer your sandwiches to your preference (I used pickles, onions, and a drizzle of BBQ Sauce)
      • Cut your sandwiches into desired sizes and enjoy!

      Recipe provided buy Paul Saladino @paulie_saucee 

      Infidel Rib Sandwich 5

      Chicken Lollipops

      Chicken Lollipops

      Claymore Cajun Chicken lollipops 


      Claymore Cajun Seasoning

      - Apple juice
      - 10 chicken legs/Drumsticks 

      Feeds - 4-5 people 

      Prep time - 30 minutes

      Cook time - 1 and half - 2 hours 


      Chicken prep 

      Slice the chicken around at the top of the meat end all the way around the bone. 

      Take a paper towel and peel the skin and membrane off around the top of the bone so just the meat is left. 

      Season the drumstick with Claymore Cajun seasoning  & wrap the bone with tin foil to preserve the color.

      Chicken lollipop Foil

      Set your oven or smoker to 300 degrees (if you are using a smoker I used pecan wood).

      To make the glaze I mixed one jar of the BBQ Sauce together with 2 oz of apple juice (you can also use pineapple juice), make sure the sauce is warm when glazing the chicken.

      Chicken lollipop Dip

      When the Chicken reaches 175 degrees dip the drumstick into the glaze then put back in the smoker/oven for another 10 minutes.

       After taking the chicken out of the smoker/oven let it rest for 10 minutes and enjoy!

      Recipe provided by Paul Saladino @paulie_saucee 

      Chicken lollipop recipe 1

      Cannibal Riblets

      Cannibal Riblets | Grill Your Ass Off

      Cannibal Riblets

      Prep Time: 20 minutes

      Cooking Time: 3 hours

      Total Time: 3 hour 20 minutes

      Servings: 6 servings



      1. Preheat your grill or smoker to 275 degrees. 
      2. Season Cannibal Spice over both sides of the ribs. (Lighter on the bone side.) 
      3. Place the ribs on your grate for one hour, undisturbed.
      4. Open the lid of the grill and spritz the ribs with your choice of water, apple juice, or beer. Close the lid and leave for another 30 minutes. 
      5. Place the riblets in an aluminum pan and add BBQ Sauce, Honey, Butter (cut into small slices), and Infidel. Cover pan with aluminum foil and place back on the smoker for an hour. 
      6. Remove the pan and roll the riblets in the pans juice. Remove them from the pan and place the riblets back on the smoker for the final 30 minutes or until the sauce tightens up.
      7. Cut the riblets and enjoy them while they last!