Chef Fults Deer Sausage

Deer sausage curtesy of MLB pitcher Cad Khul  What you’re going to need   1 sausage or .5lb of meat   1 small skillet...

Chef Fults Cauliflower & Broccoli Tips

Not all veggies are roasted alike. This is going to be important because winter cooking is mostly roasting. Summertim...

Carne Asada

Carne Asada Check out the recipe below 👇 What you need - 1 - Bunch CilantroBeef ( Cut of choice)  2-3 Tablespoons Pop...

Lamb Crown Recipe

Lamb Crown Recipe By @_jennyque_: Ingredients: Grill Your Ass Off - Gunpowder & Pop SmokeButcher twine2 racks of...

Cooking With Crispy Elk Tacos

Cooking With Crispy Elk Tacos

Moose Tacos Feat. Crispy!

This week we cooking up some moose tacos using Pop Smoke Taco & Fajita seasoning by Grill Your Ass Off!   Song: ...
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