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Top Vegetable Recipes

  • Our seasonings aren't just for meat. Whether you're already a vegetable lover or you find yourself forcing that piece of asparagus down your throat in the name of health, you're gonna love the recipes we came up with to make vegetables a must-have side dish!

    The possibilities of what you can do with our seasonings and vegetables are endless! Try out these incredible vegetable side dishes and keep on creating your own.

  • Green Bean Casserole

    Green Bean Casserole

    This Green Bean Casserole will change peoples opinions on green beans! This Dish is packed with fresh flavor and the best seasonings! 

  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts

    Roasted Brussels Sprouts

    This brussels sprout thanksgiving side is a no brainer! It is so simple to make and with the right seasonings tastes great!

  • Smoked Butternut Squash

    Smoked Butternut Squash

    This is a thick, rich butternut squash soup with tons of flavor

  • Candied Sweet Potato

    Candied Sweet Potato

    Candied sweet potatoes is a classic side dish for thanksgiving! Whether it’s before, during or after dinner you & your guests will love it!

  • Cowboy Caviar

    Cowboy Caviar

    This Cowboy Caviar is Great to make hours or even the night before a party!

  • Willie Easy Artichokes

    Willie Easy Artichokes

    Make your date night extra mmmmmm

  • Chef Fults Cauliflower & Broccoli Tips

    Chef Fults Cauliflower & Broccoli Tips

    Veggies can be delicious!

  • Willie’s Cedar Plank Salmon & Asparagus

    Willie’s Cedar Plank Salmon & Asparagus

    I'm sure salmon on here likes fish puns

  • Air Fried Roasted Garlic

    Air Fried Roasted Garlic

    Want an easy and fast way to make delicious roasted garlic, well here it is!

  • Crispy Parmesan Potatoes

    Crispy Parmesan Potatoes

    Get ready for a taste explosion with these Willie Pete Crispy Parmesan Potatoes! Easy to make and loaded with cheesy goodness, they're the perfect side dish or snack

  • Twice Baked Potato Casserole

    Twice Baked Potato Casserole

    This casserole is the perfect side for this Holiday Season

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